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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We’re Bringing the Unity Back to the Community.

Something isn’t right with the way we do things. And we all know it.

We’re either going to correct this or not.

There are hungry people with no shelter on the streets in my neighborhood right now.

We can raise money and we can give people food. And we’ve done that. But unless we have a bigger vision then we’re trying to fill a bottomless pit and that’s not good enough.

Hollywood is one of the most amazing places on the planet. Coming here in 2004 was the best decision I ever made. I love this place with all of my heart and I want to live here until I die. But the way it is now just isn’t good enough.

Hollywood is full of style, energy & passion. It also has more fear, danger and indifference than I’m willing to tolerate. We need to add more humanity, empathy, love, compassion, leadership and community.

We need to get together and create a new protocol.

We need to establish how we do things in 90028.

We need to organize. This town is begging for it.

I’m talking about living in a neighborhood with some pride.

I want to live in a neighborhood where women feel safe on the streets. Where no one hits the ground without a helping hand. Where we treat each other with dignity and respect. Where when someone gets out of line we regulate, whether that’s some gentile guidance or a swift kick in the ass.

I want people to see the beauty that’s hidden in the dark corners of this neighborhood. I want people to know each other’s names and stories. I want people to care more and demand more and trust each other more.

This website is going to be owned and operated by the people who share this vision.

Who this is remains to be determined. If you hear the calling then contact me.

I want everyone involved. The wise elders, the struggling actors, the business owners, the police, the baristas, the store owners, the writers. Everyone.

I want to know the stories of the people in my community. I want photographers and interviewers on the streets and in the bars.

I want people to know where to go if they’re trying to find the best happy hour, an AA meeting, a church service, a book club or the best coffee shop to work from.

I want more businesses with soul. I want more Black Rabbit Rose and less Cabo Cantina.

I want historians to teach us about the rich history of this neighborhood.

Great stories are created here every night. I want those stories to be told.

I want the businesses in our neighborhood reviewed by people with style and taste.

I don’t want to have to call every bar when I’m trying to find a place open on Christmas Day.

I don’t want to go to 12 websites to find out who’s playing a show.

I want one place where I know I’ll find everything I want to know. One place that unites us under a vision of hope, love and passion. One place with style and soul behind it.

This movement is going to be built organically from the inside out. If you’re a part of this community and you have something you want to contribute in any way shape or form then I want you to have the platform to contribute it, whether it’s on the website or on the streets. Together we’ll build something beautiful.

If you’re on board with this vision, then let’s connect. Enter your info in the sidebar to get on the mailing list. Find me on Facebook. Send me a message. Reach out.

This is how we do it in 90028.

Scott James

P.S. This is step one: Sandwich Party Sunday

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